"Little Sparks" Group Music Classes (Select Saturday Mornings)

October 26, 2019 1:06 PM

"Little Sparks" group class will focus on finding and using your child's voice, understanding and feeling a pulse, exploring different pitches, recognizing short musical phrases, experimenting with new instruments and art forms, and expressing oneself through music and movement. Join us as we explore all the wonders of music with a new theme each class!

New Fall Dates just Announced

October 26
November 16
December 14 and 21


(from Music Land's Harford Picks Column in Harford Heart Magazine)

The word “spark” is one that immediately creates a feeling of excitement. It’s the catalyst of something bigger to come. It’s the beginning of something exciting. So it’s only fitting that Ashley Dawson and Evan Smith have named their new music studio, “Sparky’s Music Studios.” (After Evan’s childhood dog, Sparky.) Their new “Little Sparks” program is based on the belief that music plays an integral role in education and personal character building, especially at a young age. “We welcome all children, and believe that with the proper training we can help them grow to be well-rounded individuals, as well as build a strong foundation for more challenging musical activities in the future” said Dawson. “We want to help “spark” that passion for music by fostering a child’s imagination and natural instinct to explore the world around them through our Little Sparks program.”

The curriculum of the classes combine and mix several of the great music and movement teaching methods, such as Kodály, Gordon, Orff, and contemporary music education leader John M. Feierabend. All are time-tested and proven to have a significant, positive impact on a child’s first few years of life. The classes bring together traditional nursery rhymes and folk songs, including exposure to other ethnic cultures, musical art forms, genres, and times periods, as well as exploration with musical instruments. The idea is to broaden the child’s awareness to other musical forms and develop a strong appreciation for music. “We also look at targeting the three main areas of development in our activities, which includes physical development (gross-motor and fine-motor skills), cognitive development, and social-emotional development,” said Smith.

Children between the ages of one and six are eligible for enrollment in the Little Spa